Building Renewable Energy Solutions for The Planet’s Decarbonisation

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A 100% renewable future is possible, and it’s already happening

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Smart Renewable Energy Solutions

We believe that green energy and decarbonisation is the future and are committed to helping our clients reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, and switch to clean, sustainable energy sources.

Our renewable energy solutions and green hydrogen projects are designed to provide power for businesses, and remote locations that have no access to traditional electricity grids and affordable green fuels.

We are working on a way to produce clean energy using sustainable energy sources and recycled materials. We have big plans for this company, which is why investors will be able to get in at the start of something historic.

With Haviqor, you can be part of the solution to climate change, and help make the world a more sustainable place with circular economies being a reality.

Renewable Energy Solutions
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Haviqor is a company that specialises in renewable energy solutions and off-grid solar. We are committed to helping our clients reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, and we believe that sustainable energy sources are the future of the world. With our products and services, we are working to make this future a reality.

With the use of solar power, it is now possible to produce clean and renewable hydrogen gas. This new innovation will revolutionise energy storage as well as offer an eco-friendly solution for reducing pollution on earth by functioning without any fossil fuels.

The potential for clean, green hydrogen has never been more promising.

Water electrolysis can produce this renewable energy source using only water and an electrical current. This technique doesn't require fossil fuels to create it. The electric current can also be generated from solar power, which makes the whole process even cleaner.

Waste management by pyrolysis - Haviqor

Imagine a world where rubbish can not only be turned into energy but also money. Pyrolysis is the process of breaking down waste material by heating it in an oven-like container.

The resulting gas mixture can be used for eco fuel or mixed with other components to create new products, such as plastics (which are often made from oil).

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Taking steps for decarbonisation requires a coordinated technological and social shift away from technology that burns fossil fuels.

The global economy is heavily dependent on carbon-based fuels. A wide range of sectors – industrial, residential, and transport – run largely on fossil fuels, which means that their energy comes from the combustion of fuels like coal, oil, and gas.

By using alternative, more sustainable energy sources, industries can reduce the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere and can help to slow the effects of climate change. This involves the use of renewable energy solutions like wind power, solar power, and biomass. Implementing technology to improve the efficiency of energy generation will also accelerate the reduction of the carbon footprint.

We aim to deliver energy at an affordable price anywhere while making it using renewable energy solutions from clean, sustainable energy sources and to create a decentralised energy system.

Green Hydrogen
Green Hydrogen fuel vector - The green fuel of the future

A critical factor to a greener world is the decrease of dependence on fossil fuels. One way to achieve this is green hydrogen production. 

Green hydrogen is a fuel created when water is split into oxygen and hydrogen using renewable energy solutions. 

Green hydrogen has several benefits that other, less sustainable fuels don’t have. For instance, only natural resources are used in green hydrogen production, meaning that there is unlimited access to them. Green hydrogen can be easily stored and transported. Most importantly, however, green hydrogen is clean energy - the only waste left behind by it is water. 

Green hydrogen and green hydrogen production will likely be a revolutionary solution to the problem of decarbonisation of industries in which it simply isn’t possible, or in which it is tough to achieve, such as aviation. Cars can also benefit from it, as instead of gas or petrol, they would have a hydrogen tank and be run by green hydrogen. 

When it comes to green hydrogen, South Africa and many other African countries are looking into using it to meet the growing demand for energy without contributing to climate change.

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